Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seasonal - Local Produce - From the Farm

Harvested for Members to Pick Up at Designated Sites
Turnip - Boc Choi - Green Garlic - Arugula - Salad Mix - Spinach

Motivation: If we are what we eat... shouldn't we take a personal interest in what we eat?

And so we have, my family and I have taken off our food blinders and looked directly at what we choose to consume multiple times a day. That's where "Community Supported Agriculture" (CSA) comes in... for only $22 per week, we are sure to receive a healthy share of locally grown organic produce.

Peaceful Belly:

"The best of both worlds an urban certified organic farm and CSA. Specializing in vegetables which supply a CSA program, Capital City Farmers Market, the local Co-op and restaurants. Our bio-intensive 13 acre farm lies right at the base of the city's foot hills, three miles from down town, Boise. The farm is ran by eclectic couples wonderful employees and many volunteers. We all work very hard to try to connect people in the city of Boise to the people that grow the food they enjoy. Food should be grown close to the people that consume it" (

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