Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Geothermal Sources: Boise, Caldwell & Nampa

The Green Triangle Indicates "Greenhouse" Use

The Turquoise Diamond Indicates "Space Heating" Use

The Red Dots Indicate "Wells > 50 Degrees C.

The Blue Dots Indicate "Wells > / = 20 and < / = 50 Degrees C.

Idaho Geothermal Resources Map
Publication No. - INEEL/MIS-2002-1618 Rev. 2 November 2003

As you can see from this chart, there are many sources of "hot" water in our area. And as indicated in my previous post, we are one of 200 homes already connected to the geothermal heat source... This should make our job of converting the back yard into a year-round produce growing hotspot a little easier.

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